Oracle Java Vulnerabilities



We all know Java is an essential tool for Windows machines, but the installed java in your system may open back doors for crackers or bad hackers, which makes your system vulnerable. If you are using older versions of Java, Java SDK then please upgrade it to the latest version. You may download the latest version here.


The vulnerability was detected in my system by Kaspersky Internet Security 2013. This vulnerability can make your system vulnerable for Impacts like


1. DoS (Denial of Service)

2. System Access

3. Exposure of Sensitive Information

4. Manipulation of Data


You can know more about this here.


Please upgrade… Njoy


Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012 10.0.15 (FREE)

ashampoo_burning_studio_2012Burn almost anything with Ashampoo Burning Studio. Officially the free burning studio from Ashampoo is the Ashampoo Burning Studio 6(You can check here). But I recently found that there is a legal free Ashampoo burning Studio 2012 for free! Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012 10.0.15 can be used for everything you need to burn movies, music and data - fast and effectively. The software with the intuitive user interface focuses on the core competencies of burning software and offers you compact functions to tackle all tasks relating to your burning projects - easily create data discs, burn backups, rip music, create audio CDs or burn already existing film files on Blu-ray Disc and lots more.

Download it here or here.

It got a great user interface, and complicated functionality. Try it, you will use it... Njoy


Nokia Suite message Backup

Nokia users sync messages with Nokia Suite so that those messages are not lost. I had to reformat my C drive, but never wanted to lost my messages, so I searched for a solution to backup my messages. Its so simple as it is. Nokia Suite store messages in an SQLite database and very easy to find.


You can find the messages here


C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Local\Nokia\Nokia Suite\Messages\Database


Copy your sqlite file to a safe place. After formatting your PC, install Nokia Suite, copy your sqlite file to the above location.




The Windows God Mode

God mode is not just for games, there is a GOD mode for Windows as well. Microsoft introduced this feature from the time of Vista, and its still in Windows 7. Take the following steps to gain access to GOD MODE in Windows Vista or Windows 7. . .

Step 1: Create a New Folder in your Windows machine, anywhere.

Step 2: Name the folder as


Once you have done this, you will have an icon entitled “GodMode”, double clicking on it gives you something like this below.


Have fun. . . and do visit

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